In ROLLDRAP we maintain our corporate commitment to sustainability in each of our processes. We have worked to minimize the impact of the mass use of the hygienic masks both in the production part and in the development of this new one.

The entire manufacturing process of our reusable hygienic textile masks is carried out in our facilities (Barcelona, Spain) with materials of renewable origin and with separable elements, mostly recyclable. Our hygienic masks are reusable, that is, they are washable, thus prolonging their usability and reducing waste.


Our reusable hygienic textile masks have a double layer with a Protect finish and are designed for private or corporate use.

The following are the detailed characteristics:

  • It is a treated hygienic mask (non-medical)
  • The mask is 100% washable cotton
  • It prevents infecting others
  • It reduces the risk of infection when touching your face with your hands
  • The water-repellent finish of the fabric minimizes the risk of infection from saliva droplets

The level of repellency obtained in the laboratory is equivalent to FFP2. This finish is only applied to adult masks, not children’s masks.

  • The biocide treatment prevents the formation of bacteria culture on the mask
  • The double cotton layer reduces the risk of airborne infection

However, its use is not recommended in hospital environments, as it does not have the FFP2 standards.

Unlike environments where coronavirus patients are present, where the virus is present in aerosol form, the airborne presence of the virus in a normal environment is relatively infrequent, as the SARS-CoV-2 is a heavy virus precipitate.


We have developed 2 sizes of masks:

  • Adults
  • Children (2 sizes available: 6 to 9 years and 10 to 12 years)


As for the presentation format of our hygienic masks, we have the following for both adults and children

  • Pack of 2 units
  • Pack of 50 units


And as for the colors available, they are as follows:

  • Adult: white, black, grey, burgundy, chocolate brown and petrol blue
  • Children: white, dusty pink and foggy blue

Please note that in ROLLDRAP we have the necessary certifications to manufacture and market this product, as well as technical data sheets of each of the hygienic masks.

With all this information we hope to have solved any doubt related to this new product if you want to know each of our masks do not hesitate to visit our Product page.