We have changed production to manufacture hygienic masks

In the TEXIA Group, former Mercerizados Guasch, and of which the ROLLDRAP brand is part, we have reoriented the production of our products to manufacture masks in less than 4 weeks.

Part of the Catalan industrial fabric has been forced to transform its working methodology to supply society with protective material to help combat the spread of Covid-19.

TEXIA is a century-old family-run textile industry, born in Barcelona in 1917, which manufactures and markets textile products for the hotel and catering sector with unique technology under its brands MY DRAP, ROLLDRAP and DAY DRAP.

It is precisely these sectors – tourism and catering – that have been among the most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, due to the unprecedented fall in tourism, events and social life in general. As a result, our activity has been directly affected.

For these reasons we have had to adapt to this scenario. Taking advantage of our industrial capacity we have been able to transform our activity in record time to develop and manufacture a product such as hygienic, textile, reusable and for universal use masks.

Our ROLLDRAP hygienic masks act in a complementary way to the sanitary measures of hygiene and social distancing, helping to prevent and reduce infections in those spaces where the minimum recommended distance cannot be met. Our hygienic masks comply with the strict hygienic regulations of each country, although they have different characteristics to adapt to the different situations and needs of the environment.

The sale of these new products such as ROLLDRAP hygienic masks is currently done through the pharmacy and distributors channel.

Responsibility with the environment

As responsible in our manufacturing processes for sustainability we have worked to minimize the impact of the massive use of hygienic masks in both production and product development. Each and every one of our hygienic masks is manufactured with material from renewable sources and with separable, and mostly recyclable, elements. They are washable and therefore reusable, prolonging their use and reducing waste.

They are produced entirely in our facilities, located in the province of Barcelona, maintaining local industrial production, being able to monitor the entire manufacturing process and complying with applicable quality and environmental standards.

Despite being in a difficult and exceptional situation, this family company has maintained the values that define it in order to offer a high quality product at a competitive price that is affordable for everyone.

In this sense, an extraordinary effort is being made to try to ensure that the price is properly maintained at all its points of sale and thus avoid unjustified increases. Because its main objective is that the protection against Covid-19 reaches the maximum number of people.